From all walks of life, our coaches share a mission to help people.

Bianca Haynes


‘I believe discipline, consistency, and a strong mindset are the keys to success, not just in sport, but also in life.’

Bianca started boxing in 2013 and hasn’t looked back. She’s been competing as an amateur fighter for the last seven years, and after training with the Ramla Ali Sisters club Academy, she is now a qualified coach. In both her boxing and her teaching, she loves to focus on defence, ring craft, IQ explosiveness and rhythm. Her classes will introduce you all of these skills and more.

(LCB Gym)

Maria Pinto


‘’My focus is on developing strength, stamina, skill and confidence to take on the world.’

Maria is a fully qualified Personal Trainer and a retired amateur boxer. In her sessions, she prioritises delivering fun and vibrant classes that will get everyone feeling good, fit and excited for more.

(Buddha Box Gym)

Leander Rougier


‘Now I’m a mum, I’m trying to let women know you can still train and be fit, even with children!’

As an amateur boxer, Leander is a two-time national novice class belt holder who has also won silver twice at the Haringey international Box Club. She is now a certified boxing coach, after training with the Ramla Ali Sisters club Academy. Her teaching style is technical with high intensity body conditioning training. She aims to push sisters club attendees out of their comfort zone, but promises they will thank her after!

(John Reed Gym)

Samira Simayya


Finding boxing has been a crucial part of my personal journey. The empowerment i felt after picking up the sport as a woman in a niqab has been a cathartic experience. I hope to inspire all women, to break through the social expectations and barriers they face.

Being a boxing coach while looking after 11 children has its challenges, but I believe it’s worth it !

As a certified England amateur boxing coach and a PT (through the Ramla Ali Academy) Samira is a natural leader as well as a dynamic coach. Started boxing in 2018 she has the knowledge and skill to instruct in technique so you can get the most out of each session.


Perla Bazaldua


Perla Bazaldua, Athlete on team USA. 12x U.S national champion,. 2x international champion.

Ranked No #1 in the nation in multiple weight classes 2015-2022, including No 1 at 110 lbs

9201 California Avenue, Southgate, Los Angeles, 90280

Diana Voynova


Diana is a former professional basketball player having played in countries including United States, Italy, Germany, Bulgaria and the UK. Following her retirement in 2018, Diana is now a level 2 qualified basketball coach. In her sessions, she focuses on skills development and learning the technical side of the game. While her sessions are exciting and fun, she pushes attendees out of their comfort zone to help them reach their goals.

“The game of basketball has helped me develop my leadership skills, build my confidence and learn how to manage difficult situations. I believe it can do the same for women of all ages and abilities while it also helps them reach their fitness goals.”

Daniela Laura Arellano Anzo


“ Do what you love and love what you do”

Daniela has been training for over a year in boxing with the experience of also being a trained dancer.

The confidence and empowerment boxing has brought to her, she wants to share and invite other women too.

Believing no matter where you are in life you can learn the power of boxing.

Zainab El-Mouden


Favourite quote : God won’t put you through anything you can’t handle !

I’m a hijabi semi pro footballer who currently plays in the third tier of women’s football. Due to the fact that there are very few hijabis in football, I didn’t have the conventional start, as I signed for my first ever club (Leyton Orient U18) at age 17 and since then I climbed the football pyramid from tier 7 to tier 3 in 3 years. As I have started late I understand the difficulty of constantly having to catch up, as well as the discrimination I’ve endured, I would like to help other aspiring footballers to enjoy the sport as much as I do and help to create a comfortable environment where hijab’s playing football is deemed normal. Should they decide to pursue football seriously, I’d love to aid and guide them through their journey.

Ikram Hussain


Running has evolved into a fundamental activity for me over the years. I find immense joy in travestying the vibrant streets of London and enhancing with various communities.

“If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far, go together”

The Granby Community Hub, 37 St Matthew’s Row, London E2 6DT

Tiara Nichelle Brown


Tiara Brown is an All American Athlete who received a full ride cross country/track scholarship to Columbus State University, where she graduated top of her class with a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice.

Tiara Brown is also a professional boxer with an undefeated record of 15-0, 10KO’s. She is the 2012 Team USA World Gold Medalist which ranked her #1 in the world.

She is a full time Fitness Trainer/Business Owner. Her business “The Seamoss Queen” focuses on the benefits of seamoss and fresh juices that replenish the body.

For 7.5 years Tiara was a police officer in D.C. and Fort Myers and in 2019 she received the highest law enforcement award in the nation’s capital of Officer of The Year out of 3,000 Police Officers. Tiara is the only African American female to ever obtain that award. She is of great service to the community and an impeccable role model to many.

Tiara has been featured on the Steve Harvey Show, BBC Sport, Olay & many more platforms.

“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice your gift”