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Are these women only gyms?

No – there may be some men present in the vicinity of the gym area however, all gym owners are mindful of all needs. To enable women to perform exercises comfortably they have agreed to respectfully vacate the area of men during the class times, including covering up windows, cameras and closing doors. In exchange, we ask that all members treat the gym area with respect and leave it as they found it, washing down and cleaning any equipment that has been used.

How do I book classes?

Please head over to our Class Booking page, click here.

How far in advance do I need to book?

The club is based on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to the club’s increasing popularity, it is recommended that you book early (at least one week ahead of time if you can) to avoid disappointment. There is a 5-person waitlist for all sites, however this is subject to late cancellations and dropouts and does not guarantee a position.

How much does it cost?

Sisters Club is free to join thanks to Ramla Ali. All women, regardless of background, have access to boxing, fitness, exercise, and well-being at the club, which encourages long-term participation.

Do I need any equipment?

Yes. Please ensure that you have hand wraps (which are essential for protection – note that the coach may refuse to train you if you do not have these), gloves, appropriate apparel to allow for flexible movement, and soft, flat trainers (avoid hard/raised soles) in order to fully participate and make the best use of time and opportunity. Some of these gyms may provide gloves or wraps for use, but this is not guaranteed, so it’s best to buy your own. Gloves and wraps at a reasonable price can be found online or at sporting goods stores like Sports Direct.

If I am late to class, can I still participate?

Beginners should arrive 10 minutes early to go over basic moves, while everyone else should arrive at least 5 minutes early and ready to start the lesson with hand wraps on. Any modifications to the schedule will be announced in advance.

If you are late due to unforeseen circumstances, please attend the class quietly without disturbing the session; you may be required to warm up on your own. If you arrive late frequently, you risk being turned away or losing your spot for the following week. This is a fantastic opportunity, so make sure that everyone (including our instructors) gets the most out of it by arriving on time.

I booked a class and now I am unable to attend, what do I do?

Click on the user icon on the website menu – “Manage Booking” page and
Login with your email address and password you setup during registration. Once logged in, you will see a list of all your Bookings, please click on the one you would like to modify or cancel.

Please think of others and cancel your booking as soon as possible if you need to. If you do not cancel we will count you as part of the session and therefore you will unnecessarily prevent another woman from participating. If you book your place and do not attend you will forfeit the class the following week.

Are there any other classes on offer?

For now, Sisters Club only offers the above opportunities however, the London Community Boxing club has offered a discounted rate for women only boxing on Thursdays 07:30pm – 08:30pm for £5. There may also be further discount applied to those on social benefits (do check with the club). To book this session please use the app to register for the class and make payment when you arrive – please let them know that you are part of Sisters Club when you arrive so the discount can be applied.

Are Covid-19 measures still in place?

Most of these gyms are able to allow up to 15 people at a time (as per current rules) that is considerate of safe distance and safe levels of ventilation. They also provide antibacterial hand gel and wipes for cleaning. Any updates/changes to the current measures/guidelines will be adapted to accordingly.

Am I able to use the facilities to pray?

Unfortunately, none of these gyms offer a separate prayer room however, if you are early or have time afterwards then you can use part of the area to pray. There are wash/shower rooms that you can use but do be mindful and ensure it does not disrupt class timings.

I would like to keep up to date about the latest events and opportunities, what is the best way of doing this?

Please follow our social media pages on ramlaali_sistersclub for the latest info as well as @ramlai . You can also subscribe to our mailing lists via the form on the footer of this website.  We will also communicate messages and updates via WhatsApp and email so do ensure you have shared your most up to date details with us.

I have seen pictures of women from Sisters Club on social media pages and publishing, am I expected to do this?

No. Having your picture taken or being photographed is completely optional, and you are under no obligation to do so. However, because the club is funded by Nike, we want to demonstrate how powerful, compelling, and massive our cause and movement is. As a result, some women may be asked to take pictures, but they always have the option to refuse if they do not feel comfortable doing so. Remember, Ramla is working hard to secure all of the funding for us, and in exchange, we are taking these photos to continue with the promotion.

I know women who have expressed interest in signing up the club, what do I do?

Please contact the club administrator Luul Ali via the Contact page who will add them to the relevant chat on WhatsApp.